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Wood Floors

Diamond Wood Floors provides clients in the Greater Augusta area with a quality wood floor that if properly maintained will last a lifetime.

“A properly installed and maintained wood floor will last the lifetime of your home. At Diamond Wood Floors we have products and services to help you create and maintain your wood floor investment. One could say a Diamond Wood Floor is a floor for a lifetime.”

From start to finish, Diamond Wood Floors focuses on creating the best wood floor possible.

At Diamond Wood Floors we use only the best quality materials when installing and maintaining our wood floors. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness we maintain throughout the installation process from dust control to the overall job site. We show up clean, work clean and leave clean. We manage the dust control to maintain a clean job site and our finish systems are green guard certified for air quality.

Diamond Wood Floors has certified installers and sand & finishers on staff to create the wood floor of your dreams. All of our staff complete training through the National Wood Flooring Association and have online university series access on hand. Our quality training focuses on more than just wood flooring installation but providing professionalism to our Augusta clients and treating them with respect. At Diamond Wood Floors we’re always learning to perfect our craft and we send our staff to continuing education throughout the year.

We critique our work to improve and grow as we remain the premiere wood flooring company in the Greater Augusta area.

Diamond Wood Floors has a network across the world of available craftsmen. We can reach out and garner knowledge from countless wood flooring experts and if necessary, fly them in to work on a specific project. Diamond Wood Floors exercises all possibilities to bring a wood flooring vision to life.

“Woods a natural product. It moves, expands, changes color and has different characteristics. Our job is to showcase and bring out its natural beauty.”

At Diamond Wood Floors we are here to provide our clients in the Augusta area a quality wood floor to last a lifetime.

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